Free event


Now - Sat 30 Oct 2021


10:00 - 16:00


WX (Former Market Hall)

Step inside and let the magic of Breathing Room enfold you with its soft light and the creaking and whirring sound of 28,000 cones slowly breathing in … and out … and in … and out …

Breathing Room by Milton Keynes-based artist Anna Berry is an immersive, walk-in kinetic light installation that perfectly combines organic and machine elements, creating a unique sensory experience.

Powered by an outer mechanical skeleton, Breathing Room invites you into a gently illuminated tunnel lined with 28,000 cones that ‘breathe’ like a living organism.

Anna Berry is an artist whose work is frequently shown in non-gallery environments. Anna works in a great variety of media, but especially with paper because of its fragile and ephemeral nature. “I love to reach audiences who might not have had much experience with or interest in art installations,” explains Anna. “I think Breathing Room will appeal to a wide selection of visitors, whether their interest is in arts, wellbeing, engineering – or whether they just like to be amazed and surprised by new and unusual experiences!”

Part of WordFest, funded by Wakefield Council.

#MakeWordsCount #CreativeWakefield

Breathing Room is open 10am – 4pm everyday from Saturday 23 – Saturday 30 October.


Access Information

Image descriptions of the installation can be accessed in advance here.

An audio description of the installation can be accessed here.

Breathing Room is an immersive installation which can be accessed by all.

For full access information about visiting Breathing Room, please click here.