Free event


Now - Thu 19 May 2022


19:00 - 21:15

Non Fiction writing brings the world to life in a way that can be every inch as creative and exciting as its fiction counterpart. There are lots of workshops out there for those writing fiction or poetry but not as many for those interested in non-fiction.

Historian, writer and Queen’s Mill Programme Manager, John Heywood shares his experience as a researcher and writer both of books and many articles in this interesting and fun workshop. Together we will research a subject and write a short article that would be suitable for a magazine.

The workshop is ideal for anyone who is interested in writing non-fiction for magazines, society newsletters, blogs or even books and even social media.

Join John for a fascinating two hours and explore the wonderful and fascinating world of writing for non-fiction and discover how you can make it every bit as creative and exciting as fiction.

For full details contact John on 01977 556741.