Prepare for the Pontefract Liquorice Festival to go on tour, with the return of its food and drink trail!

Venues across Pontefract will be offering delicious liquorice-themed items to delight your taste buds throughout the festival weekend… from pastries and cakes to burgers and cocktails, it’s a chance to discover (or rediscover!) some of your favourite independent bars, restaurants and cafes.

Here’s a list of participating venues and treats on offer:

🍸🧁 Alleyc’zam Cafe & Bar – Liquorice cocktails and cakes.

🍸🧁 Cartners No. 5 – Liquorice rum, liquorice stout, sweet treats (and a surprise!)

🍔🧁 Cromwells – Beef & liquorice stout pie, seasonal vegetables, light liquorice gravy served with chips or mashed potato. Liquorice cream tea – plain or fruit scone served with a homemade liquorice & raspberry jam, liquorice chantilly cream & Pontefract cakes.

🍔 Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers – A Yorkshire cheddar infused with Pontefract’s famous liquorice.

🍔🍸🧁 Farmer Copleys – Liquorice & honey gelato, liquorice stout, liquorice sausage & bacon, liquorice cupcakes, liquorice fudge, liquorice & blackcurrant jam. Also special liquorice waffles & milkshakes in The Dessertery!

🍔🍸🧁 The Hideaway – Homemade soup with a hint of liquorice, liquorice infused cheesecake, liquorice and gin cocktail garnished with star anais (the challenge is to drink it through a liquorice straw!) Small bag of liquorice flavoured treats for children.

🍸 House of Ales – Pontefract liquorice stout.

🍸 Iron Dram – Liquorice flavoured cocktail, the ‘Pomfret Bootlegger’, containing wild berry moonshine & pernod and garnished with a Pontefract cake!

🧁 Jollys – Liquorice tea, liquorice scones with liquorice jam, liquorice cake and biscuits.

🍔🧁 Liquorice Bush – The ‘Ponty Burger’ which has a hint of liquorice in the mayonnaise and liquorice cheesecake.

🍸🧁 Myxology –  ‘Liquorice Martini’, ‘Liquorice All Sort’ and ‘Raspberry Lace’ cocktails also blackcurrant liquorice brownies, candyfloss cupcakes and liquorice all sort cookies.

🍸 The Mad Ox – Liquorice cocktail.

🍸 The Old Grocers – Liquorice stout (collaboration with Chin Chin Brewery).

🍸🧁 The Printers Draft – Liquorice gins, liquorice cocktails and free sweets for children.


🍸 = drink | 🧁 = sweet treat | 🍔 = savoury

The Pontefract Liquorice Festival is part of Our Year – Wakefield District 2024, find out more about Our Year here.

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