Crake and Carpet are two bands who are undeniably special, especially to Long Division. Join them for an intimate seated show at Chantry Chapel this April.


An alt-folk four piece from the city of Leeds in northern England, Crake write melodic and (sometimes) hopeful songs about flora, fauna, anxiety and the tough stuff. Formed on the cusp of 2016/17 after a New Year’s Eve pact, Crake spent their first couple of years playing locally with loose-line-up changes and self-releasing two EPs.

Led by enigmatic songwriter Rowan Sandle, Crake is driven by her endless curiosity. Armed with her gently cracking vocal, and inspiration from writers like Shirley Jackson and Nan Shepherd, she sings of crinoids, slime mould and pussy willow.


Carpet is the moniker of musician and recording-engineer, Rob Slater.

Crafted in his own Greenmount Studios, largely in solitude bar some appearances from close friends, Carpet is the product of Slater returning to the freedom, mystery and magic that first attracted him to recording on a 4-track cassette recorder as a teen – bringing the spirit of lo-fi bedroom recording into the studio, along with that initial excitement and exploration of the ‘home demo’.

A linchpin of the West Yorkshire city’s DIY scene, Slater has played in bands including Thank, Mi Mye, Post War Glamour Girls, The Spills and many more while working as a recording-engineer/producer from his own Greenmount Studios in Armley where, this year alone, his credits include Yard Act’s debut ‘The Overload’, as well as debut albums from Leeds peers Thank and Crake (with whom Slater plays drums).

After a string of releases and a period of intense work in the studio, the Wakefield-born musician has once again found time for his own songs, resulting in the understated and charming EP ‘Maldon Salt / Men Like Us’.

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