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Remember the Coal is a music story of coal mining, told in song and accompanying narrative.

Coal, and the extraction of it has been the basis of much of the country’s development for over two hundred years. Its availability and extraction provided the means by which all the other industries that built the Industrial Revolution were powered, and there can be few families in Britain that do not have historical links back to coal mining at some stage. Much of it has been hard, and inevitably tragic at times, but there have also been times of enjoyment.

From child labour, through wars, to pit closures, this production uses music and singing to bring the story of mining to life, with a spoken storyline to trace the development and changes that society has undergone over the decades. The songs are original and specially written for the show, and the performance is suitable for family viewing.

The Remember the Coal narrative covers the 200+ years from the beginning of the 1800s through to the end of deep mining in Great Britain.

Written by: Alan Wood and John Snook

Performed by: Alan Wood and Andrew Wild

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