Silver expert Jon Braganza (York Minster Antiques) presents a talk highlighting innovations and inventions in the silver craft industry.

The talk will centre on influences in the industry and especially around Matthew Boulton (Old Sheffield Plate), Fredrick Ellington (Electro plate process), Charles Ashbee, Edward Spencer, William Morris and Liberty’s (Arts and Craft movement).

This is part of Pontefract Civic Society’s 50-strong programme of in person and online events which has been created with the support of partners, host venues, guides and speakers. This is the biggest Heritage Open Days programme that Pontefract has ever seen, and a booklet can also be collected from a number of locations in the town centre.

If you need further help, contact Pontefract Civic Society on www.pontefractcivicsociety.org.uk and on social media @pontefractcivic.

The Magistrates Market has a lift and the event will take place on the first floor.

Refreshments can be purchased at The Court House Café, before or after the talk, and there's lots of different goods you can browse from antiques to pre-loved, collectables, and new arts and crafts gifts at Forever After.

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