Get into the festive spirit at A Touch Of Craft by making 24 beautiful Christmas shaped scented wax melts to put into a festive designed advent calendar! Why buy an advent calendar this year when you can make your very own!

You will be using 100% soy wax and highly scented fragrance oils that are both vegan friendly and paraben free.

Choose from a wide range of both festive and non festive fragrances from Gingerbread and Christmas Tree to Pumpkin Spice and Sunwashed Linen!

Create colourful, sparkling gift parcel shaped melts using vegan friendly dye chips and biodegradable glitter!

Perfect to give as a pre Christmas gift or to keep for yourself!

All materials provided.

Suitable for children over 12 if they are accompanied by an adult.

To book email workshops@tinyheadcandles.com

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