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2023 marks the centenary of the Wakefield Museums & Castles collection. They have been collecting objects and putting on exhibitions for 100 years! This time they’ve put themselves in the frames!

Volunteer Emma Rose is researching the collection’s history. She has meticulously curated a captivating display of past temporary exhibition posters from across sites.

Temporary exhibitions allow the museums team to dig deeper into a whole range of different topics. Whether they are exploring new concepts and stories, or showcasing local artists and communities, they always need an appealing poster.

Emma Rose began her journey as a Wakefield Museums & Castles volunteer in 2018, driven by her deep-seated enthusiasm for local history. Her motivation stemmed from the profound influence of Bryan Rose and their many trips to Pontefract Castle and nearby museums.

Click here to learn more about Wakefield Museums & Castles’ centenary celebrations. Explore 100 objects that represent 100 years of collecting and find out more about our celebration plans this year.

100 years and counting!

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