Yorkshire Scare Grounds Halloween

Calendar Icon Fri 06 Oct 2023 - Tue 31 Oct 2023
Clock 18:30 - 23:00
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Yorkshire’s number 1 scream park and Halloween destination is back with a fresh new look for 2023!

Yorkshire Scare Grounds are designed to thrill, scare and entertain you with live actors, authentic sets, atmospheric lighting and sound and static and moving props. Face your fears this October for a spine-chilling experience you won’t forget.

Plus, new for 2023: Jack’s Backyard – all new beer garden with licensed bar and posh toilets!

#IDT: Interdimensional Terror

It was to be an incredible scientific feat! To reach through the fabric of time and space itself, and not only see into other dimensions, but also step through into them! Just imagine the possibilities! The great unveiling was to be a triumph, a true testament to Dr. Klein’s years of work and research. Then they tore through. What was supposed to be a grand unveiling became a massacre, and all the Doctor could do is watch on in horror as his colleagues are torn apart in front of him. Their blood and guts painted across the walls…these..THINGS seem to want nothing more than to slaughter. The pure savagery…the chaos.. its enough to make any man snap…but he may be the only one who can fix this. Dare you enter to find him?

Whitechapel Vampires

The streets of London seem to never be free from slaughter. The tightly packed buildings and clouds of smog are a breeding ground for the depraved. There’s been rumblings of beasts mixing in with the people, wearing the façade of the human visage. They gain your trust. They deceive you. Then, you’re left in a pool of your own blood, reduced to nothing more than a newspaper headline. They’re numbers are legion. These killers hidden as people hide beneath the nose of the law, leaving a bloodstained trail behind them. Vampirism truly is a scourge on these streets. So for those planning on taking a journey to Whitechapel, take your crucifix and a mirror. You never know who to trust…


Certa. Perchten. Black Peter. There’s many names he’s been christened with over the years. The tales of his cruelty spread world wide, transcending all boundaries of culture and seemingly even generation. For as long as time itself they have spoke whispers of his seasonal torment, his beatings, his punishments! His legion of tainted elves follow his every command, corrupted to his will, and eager to bring his new subjects to torment – or as he calls it – correct. Krampus sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, so have you been naughty or nice this year?

Clown Clinic

Blackthorn Asylum has always been a site of rehabilitation and correction, and since its been overtaken by its new management, that standard is still upheld. When a clown begins to develop a horrible case of sanity, they will soon find themselves admitted to this facility to correct it and make sure they stay permanently broken. Electro-shock therapy, lobotomies, maggot therapy and healthy dosages of pain ensure these crazies remain a prime example of depravity. Why, you seem awfully sane yourself. How about we fix that?

Carnival of Carnage

June 22, 1920, the Rellik Brothers Circus was cut down in transit to their next show location. The members and the circus itself strewn across the tracks and reduced to splinters after a fatal clashing of trains…and since then their story has been reduced to nothing more than hearsay and whispers; locals referring to the crash site as ‘The Carnival of Carnage’. But these performers do anything but rest. Twisted and mangled corpses have begun to reanimate with the taste for human flesh! Or so they say, the locals made a game of it to test the legend and venture into those woods as a test of nerve. Yet none have returned. Dare you disturb the Carnival of Carnage?

The Pack

The forest is usually a testament to the glory of nature, and for many, at night it brings a peaceful serenity. But for others, they can’t help but wonder what lies within the darkness, watching them. A disembodied growl. A distant howl. The crunching of the forest floor with seemingly no one there. A beastly presence. Creatures of the night have always been the thing of myth and folk lore. But are they myth? Or are the Lycan’s of old fable real? And are they watching from beyond the trees?

The Harvest: Keepers of the Corn

The corn fields have always been a thing of great mystery, the storks stretch high and can provide a shield for a myriad of sinister forces. They are barren places, lived in only by the corn, and watched by the overseers, the scarecrows. But what do you do when they begin to move? Or worse yet, when they begin to attack? Abandoning the fields and roaming the forest, just be careful what’s lurking in the shadows, as the Keepers of the Corn are on the lookout for their next prey!

Recommended for age 12 years upwards. Not suitable for wheelchairs due to ground conditions.

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Yorkshire Scare Grounds Halloween

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