Summer Courses at the Art House

The House that art built is packed to the rafters with things to do this summer!

Eleanor Taylor, Experience Wakefield

Over the next few weeks, there are loads of summer courses at The Art House. Wakefield’s “House that Art Built” is packed to the rafters (or should that be crafters?) with things to do this summer, so creative types, artists and those wanting to take up a new hobby, take note! 

So, without further ado, let’s get st-art-ed!

cyanotypes, one of the summer courses at the art house

Darkroom Printing Masterclass, one of the summer courses at the art house


Say cheese? Yes, please! If photography’s your thing (or you think it could be) then  there’s lots to tempt you over the next few weeks. 

Fans of old-school techniques will love Cyanotypes, also on 30 July. In this workshop, you’ll explore the cyanotype process to produce your own set of beautiful and intriguing blue prints using a variety of found objects.

If you want to learn from the best, consider the Darkroom Printing Masterclass, on 19 August. Master Darkroom printer and photographer Andrew Sanderson presents a day of black and white printing.

If you’re really serious, then take up Dev, Stop Fix: Print Club 6 week course (starting 18 July). This informal course will give you 2.5 hours a week of technician-supported time to explore new ideas, collaborate with peers, get to grips with equipment, and build your confidence in the Art House’s darkroom.

Throwing weekend, one of the summer courses at the art house

Throwing Weekend

Throwing Taster Session, one of the summer courses at the Art House

Ceramic Sculptures, one of the summer courses at the art house

Handbuilding Ceramics

Ceramics & Pottery

If you’re interested in working with clay, you’d be potty not to take a look at some of these courses.

Beginners can learn to handle clay in the Throwing Taster Session on 27 August. In this one-day session, you will be guided through the processes of throwing, including prepping and centring your clay, coning, lifting a wall, and the introduction of tools into the making process.

If you want to have a dabble, consider the Handbuilding Pottery Taster Session on 17 August, where you’ll learn about the use of moulds in ceramics and explore how to use them and their benefits.

If you’re looking for something more immersive, how about a Throwing Weekend? Running 30 – 31 July, you’ll not only learn the basics of throwing and handling clay, but also trimming and tidying your pieces as well as exploring decoration and surface patterns.

Or if you’re a bit more confident, what about a 2-week course for making Ceramic Sculptures? With sessions on 20 and 27 July, this course will see you learn about the different ways of making, using methods such as using templates, freehand forms, fettling, slab building, and joining using slip. Across the two weeks, you’ll gain a sense of confidence while working with clay and be able to push the limits of what you’ll be able to create.

Jewellery, Printing and Weaving - Oh My!

Ever fancied making your own jewellery? There’s never been a better time to learn. Making Silver Drop Earrings on 30 July will see you choose geometric shapes, and learn to use basic jewellery making tools to cut and connect your shapes and apply different techniques to connect your shapes and apply textures and patterns to your earrings.

If you don’t fancy earrings, then Make A Silver Wrap Ring might be for you. On 20 August, you’ll choose from a range of silver ring designs, and then be guided through the making process in a step-by-step way. Using techniques such as forming and texturing you’ll come away with your very own silver wrap ring.

If you’re more interested in printing, then get the most stylish tote on the beach this summer with the Screen Printing Tote Bags & Textiles course on 13 August. You’ll design and print your own image and learn how to prepare imagery for screen printing using the photo emulsion method.

Or for a more detailed course, try the Introduction to Printmaking Six Week Course. Running from 18 July to 22 August, you’ll learn how to use the tools, materials, and equipment to get started in printmaking, including the processes for monoprinting, collograph, lino printing and screen printing.

Children's Courses

Of course, being the summer holidays, we can’t forget the littlest creatives – luckily, there’s plenty of room for them in the house that art built.

Budding photographers will love experimenting in the darkroom in Photography: Cameraless Photography from 11 – 12 August.

Then, get set for two days of creativity exploring a range of drawing and painting techniques whilst immersed in the current exhibitions in Drawing & Painting, from 18 – 19 August.

Sam Metz: Making Solid - Unpredictable Bodies

Stone and Radial, Sam Metz. Part of Making Solid - Unpredictable Bodies

alabamathirteen wakefield

the Umbrage [archaic], alabamathirteen. Part of [on becoming a ghost...]


And as if all this wasn’t enough, don’t forget to check out The Art House’s exhibitions while you’re there.

Until 17 July, see [on becoming a ghost…] by alabamathirteen. Using photography, embroidery and sound, her work explores how we occupy our bodies, spaces and places both as individuals and as a society.

And until 14 August, take in Sam Metz’s Making Solid – Unpredictable Bodies. Known for their highly engaging and profound projects that raise awareness of important issues surrounding disabled bodies and societal restrictions, Sam Metz will share their recent project which translates and shares the experiences of being a disabled neurodivergent performer.