Community Access Support Bursary


There’s a lot of exciting events and activities happening across the district in 2024, and we want to make sure all of our residents are able to join in Our Year. We appreciate that sometimes accessing places in other parts of the district can be difficult. For some, even accessing activities close by can be a challenge. This may be due to mobility, finances or a lack of public transport in your area.

Our Community Access Support Bursary aims to help residents access culture during Our Year. Community Partner organisations are encouraged to apply for our bursaries of up to £500 to access cultural events, places and activities.


What might this look like?

We are fairly flexible about what we can fund, so we would love to hear your ideas!

-Group day out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

-Visiting a community-led event

-Attending a big festival or event, such as The Hatchling

If you need some inspiration, check out what’s on and remember, ‘access’ does not have to mean getting the bus or a coach… perhaps you would like to hire some bikes and cycle to an event!

If you have any questions, give our team an email at


Application Deadlines:

Our application deadlines are on the 2nd Friday of every month until December 2024. Decisions will be announced, and bursaries issued within 4 weeks of the deadline.

8th March / 12th April / 10th May / 14th June / 12th July / 9th Aug / 13th Sept / 11th Oct / 8th Nov / 12th Dec

Please note you can either download an application form to complete or apply via the online portal.