The Hatchling Community Callout

Be part of the celebration for Our Year – Wakefield District 2024

Trigger and Wakefield Council invite community groups from across Wakefield to activate and animate the city as part of The Hatchling, a spectacular free event created and produced by Trigger. Take part in the show and join the monumental dragon puppet as she roams the city. This is not just for people who call themselves a performer – this exciting opportunity is open to anyone who’s intrigued.

We recommend reading all the information below, then scroll down to see how you can get involved. Alternatively, download the creative brief here.

The Hatchling dragon with a crowd of people

About Our Year – Wakefield District 2024

Wakefield district is gearing up for an unforgettable 366-day programme of cultural and heritage activity taking place next year during Our Year – Wakefield District 2024. Find out more about the full programme at

About The Hatchling

The Hatchling, created and produced by Trigger, is a ground-breaking outdoor show that culminates in an extraordinary finale.

Over three days, The Hatchling – a beautiful dragon – will hatch, explore and nest in Wakefield City Centre, before metamorphosing into a flying form – and then soaring into the sky. The Hatchling is a weekend long experience. As she roams, she encounters a series of events: from intimate interactions to city-wide performances.

The Hatchling is a spectacular, free live event, taking place in Wakefield 23 – 25 August 2024.

What will happen?

Over her three-day journey around the city, the dragon will meet and interact with various community and performance groups. On the last day the dragon appears at Pugneys Country Park for a spectacular finale where she transforms and takes flight across the lake.

Who’s created it?

Conceived by award-winning producer Angie Bual (Trigger, PoliNations), directed by Mervyn Millar (War Horse, Significant Object) and designed by Carl Robertshaw (Bjork, Ellie Goulding), the project is presented and produced by Trigger.

The Hatchling is a major cultural activity programmed as part of Our Year Wakefield District 2024 (

The project is created with world class designers, kiters and puppeteers, and will be brought to life in Wakefield with the local community and talent from across Wakefield district. This unforgettable event uses the ancient mythical icon of the dragon to catalyse mass participation and celebrate cultural diversity.

© Dom Moore

Creative brief

Trigger are working in partnership with Wakefield Council to invite district-based community and participation groups to be part of this once in a lifetime spectacular city-wide event.

On her journey, The Hatchling will encounter community groups from across Wakefield. We want to work with Wakefield homegrown participation groups and the wider community to activate and animate areas of the city with ‘flash-mob’ style events, and to celebrate the local community and talent on the stage (streets!) of Wakefield.

No matter your background or experience, we want to involve every group and person who is excited, captivated and inspired by the story of The Hatchling.

Our brilliant creative team are poised to assist in refining your concept, ranging from conducting workshops with your group leader to guiding you through any creative challenges you might encounter. This is an opportunity for your group to take centre stage, showcasing your remarkable abilities to the Wakefield community and to encourage new members to your exciting groups.

Whether you are a group of knitters, a choir, street dance troupe or cycling team, we want Wakefield groups to create moments that our dragon can respond on her journey through Wakefield city centre, whilst showcasing Wakefield’s homegrown talent. Offer us a suggestion and we’ll work together to bring it to life and find its place in the dragon’s journey. This could be anything from:

• Colour coordinated people (for example: all in yellow hats or wearing red jackets) who appear amongst the crowd and attract the dragon in a particular direction or confuse it by moving through the crowd

• Game-playing groups – these might provide something for the dragon to observe and relate to by making patterns in the crowd with colour or movement

• Cyclists or other distinctive travellers who circle the dragon at a particular point in the dragon’s journey

• A group/person with a particular skill – like exceptional parkour performers, singers, poet or roller bladers – might allow a way to focus a public space

• A choir singing a lullaby to help the dragon sleep

• A chant that can be passed on to on watching audience

• A series of movements or gestures started by a group, that can be easily picked up by audience members

• A choir, individual singer/musician singing to the dragon as she soars in the sky

The simpler the idea, the better.

How Can My Group Be Involved?

If you and your group would like to be involved, send a short email to with why you’d like to be involved, a short summary / bio about your group with links to any photos or videos and what you’d like to offer the dragon on her visit to Wakefield by 5pm, Friday 17 November 2023.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the groups we worked with in Plymouth 2021

About Trigger

Trigger are shapeshifting creatives who dream-up, create and produce free, bold and brave live events. Trigger reimagine and revive public spaces, interrupt daily life, and put audiences and togetherness at the heart of everything they do. Their varied output is inclusive, accessible and boundary-pushing. It’s always memorable, often large-scale and outdoors. Their epic, imaginative spaces range from PoliNations – a city-centre super garden celebrating biodiversity and multiculturalism, to The Hatchling – a ground-breaking puppetry and kite flying experience, to TEABREAK – a heart-warming show inviting audiences to glide through history and the ritual of tea with a transportive audio piece and live dance performance.

Trigger is for everyone, and everyone is invited.

The Hatchling - image (c) Dom Moore