Volunteer: Active Through Football

Throughout Our Year, we will be delivering a wide range of activities for groups of adults in the South East of the district. We need friendly, enthusiastic volunteers to support our delivery partners on sessions like men’s football, multi sports, buggy walks and disability sessions.

A volunteer you will be required to:

  • Help out with any tasks that ensure the smooth running of the session, as directed by the session lead.
  • Understand and implement procedures calmly and quickly in the event of a fire or other threat, including knowing the location of fire exits
  • Help and assist event attendees where needed, in a calm, polite and friendly manner
  • Know the location of the first aid station and any first aid equipment, and contact designated first-aider in cases of emergency
  • Understand methods or signals used to alert staff that an emergency has arisen
  • Recognise potential hazards or safety concerns, reporting such findings immediately to supervisors
  • Be able and willing to work evenings and weekends, where needed
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South East of District – Hemsworth, Upton, South Kirkby, Kinsley, Fitzwilliam, South Elmsall, Havercroft and Ryhill area

Can 14- to 17-year-olds volunteer?

This role is for 16+

What skills, experience or certifications are required?

We are looking for an energetic and bubbly individual who has an interest in sport or working with the local community.

-Good communicator
-Friendly and polite
-Can work as part of a team, following instructions and taking initiative as required
-First aid would beneficial but not essential

What induction and training will be provided?

Optional First Aid training may also be offered, in the event that we are unable to recruit an adequate amount of volunteers with First Aid certification.

What skills will volunteers develop?

-Customer service
-Confident communication
-Organisational skills
-Dynamic problem-solving
-Risk management