Have you ever fancied yourself as a Spy? Or maybe even as a wizard needing to find his way out of the infamous Alley? Here at The Escapologist in Xscape you could make your fantasy become reality!


For those of you yet to visit us, there is nothing to fear apart from the spine-tingling experiences of our most haunted escape room, we are proud of our heavily immersive themed escape rooms, all our escape rooms include various puzzles, mystery’s and more!, each room has its own story line, so take a peek behind the doors…

Our Rooms


Dare we even speak about this room… it has been known for its haunting aesthetic along with the fact we have had a few players disappear from this room. This institute has not been touched since 1931 and we advise it is not for the faint hearted, being a thrill seeker, you and your friends can try to take on the challenge of escaping Delirium! WARNING – please make sure you shut the door behind you we wouldn’t want to let the creepy twins out…

Operation Slimeworth A Heist Too Far

Francis Slimeworth has done a runner with your cut of the loot and the loot is not from a standard 9-5 job… With the help of your fellow agents you will have to go head to head with the best in the business to be able to claim this one back without being caught! it’s time to act now before you lose your share and potentially your freedom…

The Cell

Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine or at least don’t do a bad job and end up getting caught. Now you’re in The Cell with your friends. With a few clues found along the way you are already plotting your escape. To make it out in time we advise you move quickly, quietly and with the best of the best. 3, 2, 1, GO! Remember, guards change over lasts only 30 minutes…

Vertic Alley and The Parlour of Secrets

“I’m sure I just saw the bricks on that wall moving… wait! Is that a wand shop? We must be in…” Grab your friends and stay together there are all sorts of magical, strange and curious things around the many mysterious shops, maybe we could interest you in a chocolate frog? Maybe a new wand? How about something for Dark Magic? You wouldn’t want to lose track of time down this alleyway, you never know who you might bump into…

We look forward to Welcoming you to Escape to the Extraordinary!

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