Volunteer: Junior Parkrun

Become a Junior Parkrun volunteer! Responsibilities may vary from week to week depending on the role which is assigned to each volunteer, and may include;

  • Setting up equipment
  • Pre event briefing
  • Marshalling
  • Timekeeping
  • Scanning (barcodes)
  • Course checking
  • Handing out finishing tokens
  • Organisation of finishers
  • Leading organised warmups
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Frickley Country Park

Can 14- to 17 year-olds volunteer?


What skills, experience or certifications are required?

No skills, experience or certification required as all volunteers will receive training and instructions based on the role assigned to them which may change over time.

What induction and training will be provided?

All volunteers will receive instruction and training based on the role that they are assigned on a weekly basis.

Initial setup volunteers will take part in a ‘shadowing’ week in which they attend another local parkrun to see how already established parkrun events are organised and understand the different volunteer roles.

What skills will volunteers develop?

– Punctuality
– Team working
– Confidence
– Motivation
– Person management
– Timekeeping
– Communication
– Organisation