YSP’s headline exhibition is by leading international artist Bharti Kher. Drawing from a career that spans three decades, it will be Kher’s most extensive museum presentation in the UK. Born and educated in England and living in New Delhi, India since 1993, Kher makes sculptures in materials including plaster, wood, wax, granite, fur, leaves, glass, leather, bronze and steel.

The female body and women’s experiences are at the heart of this exhibition. Through her work, Kher considers the social and cultural roles that women play, how they are viewed and what it means to be a woman in different cultures and areas of the world.

A key theme is transformation, which is explored through Kher’s fantastical hybrid characters that blur boundaries and combine the figure with objects and animals. Myths, folklore and religious stories also weave through her work, which feels magical as well as having a serious and political focus.

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