For fans of richly detailed historical fiction and enthralling author events, mark your calendars! Acclaimed author Jacquie Rogers will be transporting attendees to ancient Roman Britain through her gripping Quintus Valerius mystery series – the perfect way to celebrate Castleford Roman Festival!

An avid researcher and masterful storyteller, Rogers seamlessly blends fact and fiction, immersing readers in the intrigues of the 3rd century Roman Empire. Her latest novel, The Loyal Centurion, kicks off in the very heart of Castleford’s Roman heritage – the ancient town of Lagentium.

Jacquie Rogers is the author of the Quintus Valerius Roman Britain mysteries, in which Roman imperial investigator, Quintus, and his British colleague, Tiro, investigate a wide range of crimes and threats to the British provinces at the height of the Roman Empire.

During this captivating afternoon, Rogers will shed light on:

  • Her meticulous research process and historical inspirations behind Lagentium’s vivid portrayal

  • The creative journey from initial spark to fully fleshed-out mystery

  • An engaging audience Q&A session

  • Book signing opportunities

Jacquie Rogers was a Ten Pound Pom, who went on to live in several countries before settling back in Britain. She worked in various careers, including advertising and university lecturing, until she found writing suited her best.

Her Quintus Valerius mystery novels are set in 3rd century Roman Britain. The Governor’s Man was published in May 2021 by Sharpe Books, followed in August 2022 by The Carnelian Phoenix. The Loyal Centurion, set in York and Scotland, was published in summer 2023.

Linked short stories have appeared in anthologies Imperium (2021), and Triumphs and Tragedies (2023).

Jacquie’s short stories have been published in several countries. In 2020 and 2021 she was Runner Up in the Lincoln Book Festival story competition.

Don’t miss this chance to glimpse the ancient world through the eyes of an author keen to bring the past to life. Whether you’re a long-time fan or newcomer to Rogers’ atmospheric novels, this is an event no historical fiction aficionado should miss.

Secure your spot and prepare to be transported by the storytelling magic of Jacquie Rogers and her unforgettable Roman sleuths, Quintus Valerius and Tiro.

Jacquie blogs at jacquierogers.substack.com


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