Vegan Restaurants in Wakefield

Try out our top picks for vegan restaurants and cafes in Wakefield

Eleanor Taylor, Experience Wakefield

The Wakefield district has some delicious vegan restaurants! So if you fancy trying some top quality vegan food before you take the plunge and become fully plant-based in your eating, we’ve got you covered with top restaurants, cafes and more across the Wakefield district. Tuck in.



Prepare to be amazed, because not only is Corarima’s menu super vegan-friendly, it’s also gluten free, and (believe us) incredibly delicious. Like, tell-all-your-friends delicious, learn-to-make-injera delicious, who-knew-gluten-free-vegan-could-be-so-tasty delicious. And with oodles of friendly charm, it’s a perfect place to take your vegan-sceptic friends for dinner. Who knows, you may just convert them…

Throwback Coffee House


They call themselves “Throwback“, but if anything, they’re a throw-forward: with super-cool surroundings, a menu full of amazing vegan treats, and ethically sourced coffee (and oatmilk, of course), it’s a 21st century trailblazer, and heaven for those of a plant-based persuasion. Oh, and dogs are welcome, too. What more could you want?


Oh boy… if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Doboy. With branches in Wakefield and Castleford, Doboy is the king of gooey, indulgent donuts packed full of flavour, topped with all manner of delights – and proud to be vegan friendly. They’re constantly refreshing their menu, adding seasonal variations and special creations throughout the year. Go on… treat yourself.


Like Doboy, Ego have a couple of venues in the Wakefield district: Ego at The Bull’s Head in Horbury, and Ego at The Beverley Arms in Ackworth. Both serve up delectable dishes from around the Mediterranean – including French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Moroccan food – and have a dedicated vegan menu, with some seriously tasty options. Saving the planet while treating your taste buds? Yes, please.


Located in the heart of Wakefield city centre, Tết is a chic, modern Asian restaurant (with some seriously slick decor), serving up incredible Vietnamese and Thai food. They have a dedicated vegan menu with some decidedly delicious dishes on it – Mushroom Satay, Fine Bean with Garlic & Black Pepper, Sweet Corn Cake… we could go on, but we’re making ourselves way too hungry as it is, so we’ll just say: go, eat, enjoy. You’re welcome.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this list? Are there venues we’ve missed? Let us know! Connect with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, and give us your best plant-based tips for Veganuary and beyond.