Creativity Around the Corner

Creativity Around The Corner will tell the stories of the contemporary world of work in Wakefield district.

Embedding diverse creatives into key employers during 2024, the project will explore and share identity of our modern industry whilst celebrating our heritage.

Interview: Unlimited

Let’s hear from Jo Verrent, Director of Unlimited and discover how they are involved in Our Year!


Tell us a bit about Unlimited…

Unlimited are a commissioning organisation for disabled artists. We work with artists from across the UK and commissioning work globally. Disabled people make up 23% of the population but don’t get 23% of the opportunities or exposure, and we are here to change that. In Wakefield, there is a higher proportion of disabled people which makes this the perfect place to make our new home! We are excited to be working in the district to emphasis the creativity of disabled artists here and beyond.


How is Unlimited getting involved in Our Year?

Many ways, it is a busy year for us! We are delivering Creativity Around the Corner – a project to engage local businesses with art to share their stories of contemporary work in Wakefield. We are leading artist residencies and will be celebrating new artworks with local communities too. We are working with Mohammad Barrangi and staff at NHS Mid Yorks Pinderfields Hospital, OE Electrics over in Calder Park and the StreetScene team at Wakefield Council as they work tirelessly to keep the district tidy and safe.

We are also leading Hope in Wakefield, a project working with Two Destination Language and Ukrainian artist Nadia Solenko. This banner making project looks at what gives us hope, keeps us hopeful and what do to when hope is lost. Come and visit this beautiful and thoughtful exhibition in a library near you this summer and autumn.


How can people get involved with Unlimited?

Follow us on social media and come and see Hope in Wakefield too! You can always spot me at arts events with my blue hair, please do come and say hi! If you lead an organisation involved in the arts we are also leading a project, funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority, offering training and advice across West Yorkshire to improve accessibility – get in touch on to find out more.


This is my year to…

Really get to know my home district! I moved to Agbrigg two years ago and I love it. But in 2024, with so much happening during Our Year, I want to make sure I join more local events and activities and find out what my part of Wakefield can offer, and what I can offer in return.

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