Positive Impacts

Event and Activity Planning Toolkit


Why has this been created?

There are hundreds of community-delivered activities and events happening as part of Our Year. It is our goal to ensure that everything in our programme is as accessible, inclusive, sustainable and healthy as possible. This not only makes sure that people feel welcomed and excited to take part in Our Year, but also that we are not having any negative effects on people’s physical and mental health, or on the environment. We have created these toolkits to help our Community Delivery Partners consider these impacts.


How to use the toolkit:

This toolkit provides guidance on things to consider when planning events, activities or other work during Our Year. Each toolkit provides guidance in the form of quick checklists and useful links, based around the themes of equality, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability and health and wellbeing.

The toolkit has three sections, covering all aspects of event/activity planning, where we can make impacts in inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and health; planning, purchasing and communicating. The goal of these toolkits is to ensure that impact is positive.


Click below to access the toolkit!

An accessible version is also available, but should you require an alternative format please contact the team at ouryear@wakefield.gov.uk


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