Moving Festival

Get ready to groove, jump, because the Moving Festival 2024 is here to turn the Wakefield District into a year-long playground of movement and excitement! It’s time to celebrate 366 days of movement, and you’re invited!

No matter your age or fitness level, the Moving Festival 2024 has something extraordinary in store for you. Our mission is simple but powerful: we’re all about promoting the joy of active living and building strong, vibrant communities.

What makes the Moving Festival 2024 truly special is that it’s all about having fun. We believe that staying active shouldn’t break the bank, which is why most of our events are free or low-cost. So, no more excuses – let’s make this the year you commit to a healthier, happier you.

Join us as we dance, travel, stretch, and laugh our way through the year. Together, we’ll create memories, build connections, and inspire each other to keep moving. Are you in? Get ready to kick-start your adventure, one movement at a time.

A family on a walk.

Cycling Events

Walking Events