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Now - Sat 09 Jul 2022


09:00 - 17:00

A World of Good is a new exhibition based around the work of pioneering 19th century environmentalist Charles Waterton, who built the world’s first nature reserve – the title comes from one of his letters.

Waterton campaigned to protect the natural world by making a haven for wildlife and protecting it from hunters and pollution. Through his campaigning, he hoped he was doing “a world of good” but sadly, his work was largely ignored and dismissed as being eccentric. It has taken 150 years to listen to his warnings and to continue his fight for a better future.

The exhibition is a multimedia experience of sculpture and sound, where visitors can explore and interact with issues that Waterton dealt with (which are all too familiar to us in 2021) including pollution, hunting, deforestation, changing weather patterns and more.

The exhibition features paper sculptures by local artist Andy Singleton, which are then animated by local animator Charlotte Blacker. Her animation will follow a flock of Andy’s birds around the walls of the exhibition.

Accompanying the animation is an immersive soundscape which includes readings by well-known eco warriors Sir David Attenborough, Michael Palin, Chris Packham, and Liz Bonnin, plus interviews with local environment heroes, too.

And having experienced all of this, visitors will be encouraged to make an “environmental pledge” of their own, which will contribute to an ever-evolving tree graphic.

But it’s so much more than this. To accompany the exhibition, the team at Wakefield Museum have written their own “World of Good Manifesto”. Acting as a “call to arms”, this document will inform and empower visitors to make practical and affordable changes to their lifestyle, home, garden and working lives in order to be kinder to nature and the environment – in other words, show them how we can all do A World of Good for the planet.


You can visit the exhibition at these times during the week:

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday - Thursday: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm