Our Heritage, Our Stories

Our heritage connects us to our past, preserving traditions, stories, and cultural legacies that shape our identities. Understanding our heritage helps us create a bridge between the past and the future, allowing us to pass down invaluable knowledge, traditions, and a deeper sense of belonging to future generations, ensuring that our collective history endures.

Our Stories will work with communities to collect and share their stories, capturing and re-imagining the heritage of our district as told by local people, creating a unique portrait of our district for future generations that will help inform the development of a new Wakefield Library and Museum, celebrating the rich history of the district..

The programme will focus on two key periods in our calendar:

During Wordfest in May, there will be a month-long celebration of our stories and heritage across Libraries and Museums around the district, as we work with our many community- led heritage groups and partners.

In September, Heritage Open Days will be a two-week celebration of our built heritage allowing you to experience, free-of-charge, our local history, architecture and culture.

Throughout 2024 we will also be celebrating and shouting about all of the fantastic heritage sites, events and trails in our district!