What’s in a name? We all have one, and they hold so much meaning. Let’s collaborate and create collages of our names to tell the stories behind them. Cut, stick and have fun as family!

Create an individual or family collage inspired by your name using arts and crafts materials. You can express your family dynamic, history, and identity through imagery. It’s open to all abilities, so let’s get creative.

Collaging allows you to improve your sensory awareness, patience, and intuition. You’ll boost your documentation skills as you record their thoughts through imagery. Self-expression is about giving visible form to our feelings and ideas and raises your sense of well-being.

Feel a sense of achievement at the end of the workshop when you take home a beautiful family-inspired artwork!


Sat 6 May: Castleford Library 10am, Pontefract Library 2pm

Sat 20 May: Horbury Library 10am, Wakefield Library 2pm

Wed 31 May: Featherstone Library 10am, Pontefract Library 2pm


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